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AIN Services is an independent fiduciary planning agency with access to a broad universe of insurance and investment financial products. With access to all but obligated to none, we are free to make truly unbiased recommendations based solely on the individual needs of our clients.

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By visiting our library of complimentary resources, like PDFs of articles and publications, that will help you build an amazing foundation to reach your financial goals. All resource materials are provided with no obligation to anyone who wishes to use them. Hover over the laptop screen to experience the Resource Library homepage.

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Insurance & Investment Planning

We help our clients structure their insurance and investment needs that is personalized by a holistic balanced approach.

Estate Planning

The primary purpose of estate planning is to protect one’s assets for their benefit during life, then pass to heirs with the least amount of exposure to creditor exposure, taxes or cost of probate.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement actually starts the day a worker first starts employment and continues through the last day of life.

Social Security Planning

For people in or approaching retirement, Social Security Benefits is often one of the most important – and commonly overlooked benefits available to workers.

AIN is an independent consulting agency with access to many different companies and solutions. We are not “captive” to one or two companies. We make truly unbiased recommendations based only on the needs of our clients.

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Mike Tove has hosted many webinar presentations through his career. These webinars cover various topics ranging from Social Security to IRAs. Click the webinar titles below to view the recording.

"Money Secrets" TV Show

Bill is a lawyer, Mike is a financial advisor. Together they reveal a new money secret each week. Bill Alexander is a well known and trusted lawyer in his field. Mostly working in Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Asset Protection. Mike Tove is a financial advisor that has helped shape futures for thirty years.

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