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Demystifying IRAs: A User's Guide to Tax-qualified Money

With more than $30 trillion in retirement funds, these tax-qualified accounts represent the biggest single block of money in the country and commonly represent the lions share of money regular people have. They have specific tax liabilities and with the recent passage of the new tax laws, potentially got worse. With good planning, these retirement accounts can be structured to be financially beneficial. Without good planning, they can be a financial liability, if not disaster. Demystifying IRAs is a comprehensive user’s guide to charting paths toward favorable use of these potentially complex buckets of money.

Money Secrets with Bill and Mike

It’s very complex to understand the markets or make good investment decisions regarding your money, or even to choose an advisor, so Mike Tove and Bill Alexander started a TV Program entitled Money Secrets with Bill & Mike. This half-hour weekly show explores a wide array of topics related to matters of financial planning, asset protection, wealth transfer, tax considerations, and so forth. Sometimes they disagree but by and large, coming from different directions, they find that their many years of experience results in similar advice to our clients- Bill as an Attorney and Mike as a Financial Advisor, both focused on asset protection and preservation, and above all, planning before products.

What You Don’t Know About Retirement Income Can Hurt You!

In the past, retirement planning was focused on reaching “the number” or what the value of our “nest egg” needed to be. For years, clients and advisers focused solely on their “account value” to gauge whether or not they’re were going to ever retire. We were told that this “number” was different for every person. Well, the reality is that today, that “number” should no longer be the sole focus for investors hoping and praying to retire.

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