AIN is an independent consulting agency with access to many different companies and solutions. We are not “captive” to one or two companies. We make truly unbiased recommendations based only on the needs of our clients.

Offering services in the following categories: Insurance & Investment Planning, Social Security Planning, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning. Click on each of the category boxes below for more information on each.

Insurance & Investment Planning

We help our clients structure their insurance (life, long-term care, annuities) and investment needs that is personalized by a holistic balanced approach that focuses on purpose before product.

Estate Planning

The primary purpose of estate planning is to protect one’s assets for their benefit during life, then pass to heirs with the least amount of exposure to creditor exposure, taxes or cost of probate.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement actually starts the day a worker first starts employment and continues through the last day of life. And while everyone’s needs differ, the one unifying attribute is that when you are working, tomorrow is paid for by what you do today.

Social Security Planning

For people in or approaching retirement, Social Security Benefits is often one of the most important – and commonly overlooked benefits available to workers. Painfully few reps in the financial services field have any in-depth understanding of how Social Security benefits work and commonly permit – if not inadvertently encourage significant mistakes to occur.

"The needs of every client are first, middle and last. Nothing else matters."