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Annuities: A Consideration for Retirement Planning

When people approach their retirement years, they’re frequently bombarded with competing recommendations: Buy an annuity vs. don’t buy an annuity. Invest here. Invest there...

Investing: Low Risk Diversified Portfolio

It’s so common, it’s cliché: “My portfolio is a diversified mix of higher risk investments (for growth) and lower risk investments (for safety).”

Investments: Risk Adjusted Return

Of all the messages that investors get from their investment advisors, the biggest myth they perpetuate is that an investor will increase return by increasing risk.

Life Insurance: Demystifying Life Insurance

When properly established and structured, Life Insurance can be one of the smartest financial planning tools a person can own. It provides risk-free, non-taxable cash to help loved ones and/or heirs get through financial challenges at a time of family hardship and grief.

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